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SC 09/10 Candidates

Here are the candidates in the upcoming SC election :

No Name Post
1 Ahmad Syawal Hafriz bin Abdullah President
2 Daeng Ahmad Saifullah bin Ahmad Termizi President
3 Azizul Fitri bin Abd Aziz Vice President (male)
4 Darimi bin Saadon Vice President (male)
5 Muhamad Harith bin Omar Vice President (male)
6 Farrah Aishah Aqlima bt Mohd Tauffick Vice President (female)
7 Nur Farhah bt Anor Vice President (female)
8 Ananth Kumar a/l Jaya Kumar Secretary
9 Anizatul Azna bt Ahmad Secretary
10 Ahmad Aisamuddin bin Mohamad Treasurer
11 Nik Idzni Dalila bt Nik Mahmud Treasurer
12 Nik Madihah bt Mohammad Al-Faisal Treasurer
13 Amirah Anis bt Khair Academic Exco
14 Mishyan Kumar Supramaniam Academic Exco
15 Iskandar Najmuddin bin Othman Food Exco
16 Kamilia Aisyah bt Kamaruzzaman Food Exco
17 Keshminder Singh a/l Bhupinderjeet Singh Food Exco
18 Abdul Muizz bin Mohd Rasani Religious Exco
19 Foong Yee Ching Religious Exco
20 Nur Atiqah bt Sa’hari @ Ramli Religious Exco
21 Ahmad Mustafa bin Amru Sports Exco
22 Muhammad Afiq bin Abdullah Sports Exco
23 Nuralissa bin Norrazak Sports Exco
24 Aiman Arif bin Mohamad Caezar Welfare Exco
25 Aimi Nadhirah bt Nordin Welfare Exco
26 Asmin Ibrahim bin Samin Welfare Exco
27 Nur Furqan bin Nordin Welfare Exco


There are already some candidates who won uncontested. Anyway to the rest, get prepared for the next step! Good luck! and congratulation for being nominated!


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SC Fever =)

cronologyof SC Fever..

7th – Nomination Day

this the moment when you will nominate yourself. all you need to have to enable you to sign up are 5 ringgit Malaysia and a supporter.. kacang jer rite??? the rm5 will used as ‘x’ ( i cant think of the word la..) like deposit la. it got something to do with campaign thingy.. ill explain later.

you will not only make up ur mind to being part of this whole scenario but as well as to decide what post ur heading to. as i already mentioned during the SC briefing, there are 16 posts on the list. each has its own significance.. we played our own role but always work as a team.. a very great and strong team. and to me.. it is like having another family in Beringin Valley.. Pn Rog as our ‘mom’ of course.. =D


few days after that, you better be ready with ur cool and outstanding posters.. (perang poster!!) this is the week that we’ll be seeing a lof of faces on the wall, along the pathway. some faces that we recognize and maybe some that make us wonder… who is this fella???

remember the 5 bucks??? there is a range of time for this campaign. n if you do not remove or get rid of ur faces from the walkway, then the 5 bucks will not returned..

?th & ?th – manifesto night

the night where ur going to stand up for urself. the night to tell the people of KYUEM.. what do you have in u?.. why do we have to put a tick on u? what we will get in return?

like previous year.. some came up with great manifestos. and even some got nothing to promise but to do their best to serve for the residents of KYUEM. plus, together with their speeches, there were facts, and the report of their research on the feasibility of their manifestos.. quoting these people names.. blabla. its going to be really fun!! and TOUGH!! where some candidates might feel intimidated. and of course for the presidential post, its going to be a lot lot more harder.. where challenges await them.

21st – Election Day

time to set back and relax after what you have done to prove urself. its up to the rest community to decide and to make their own judgment on who will they put their trust on..

23rd – Result!! =)

inside the great GH, in front of the whole community of KYUEM, the result will be announced together with some statistics..  it will be the time to see some big grin on the chosen ones and perhaps some long faces as well..

6th – Handover ceremony

i guess this is supposed to be the day where we, the current SC will step down. pass down the responsibility to the next generation of leaders. but still its not the sign to stop contributing coz there is one last project to be accomplished..

SC Camp

for the new SC to get to know themselves. and as well to form ‘bond’ with the house caps. maybe it should be called Leader Camp instead of SC camp.. hehe..

nowget to workguys!!

my last words …

being SC is and will always be one of the greatest chapters of my life, not only it taught me the value of trustworthy but  responsibity as well… not only to trust and be responsible to urself but to the rest people of KYUEM.

there will be complaints, suggestions, or perhaps some harsh words from certain “people”.. that could be the -ve side, but the other is much more precious and more valuable thing that u gain from being part of SC.. theEXPERIENCE.

maybe to a certain extent.. yes.. we can be regarded as events planner.. hehe.. but thats totally nothing to be ashamed of.. thats is something to be proud of.. coz that is where we can contribute to the community.. not only the experience of planning events and make them as successful as they can be. but along the way.. strong bonds are unnoticeably being formed between the SC and the staffs. the admin people, SS, DH, ..and of course the students..

i guess i’ll have to put an end to this post ..

*i smiled a lot while writing this post ~

thinking of all the things that ive gone through for the last 2 sems ~ **big grin**


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really sorry for not updating the blog for quite a while..

well.. first of all. i heard a lot, lot of great n positive comments from the students about the last end sem dinner.. i guess it was a total blast.. isn’t?.. muchas gracias to those who were involved in the event both directly of indirectly.

as for most of the seniors, i heard most of u guys received offers from the universities already.. well congratz and to those who just got one or two only.. dont be upset la.. be patient.. for certain universities, it might take some time to decide.. so just wait for the email from UCAS in ur inbox.. no need la to got to UCAS’s website every single day like what i did.. hehe..

next year will be our last sem… which i cant wait for this whole 2 year to end.. well how time flies isn’t? next sem will determine our next destination.lets look forward for it!!

and for juniors.. next year, the current SC will step down n its going to be ur turn to make some revolutions. perhaps i’ll write about the SC fever on another post.

i honestly cant wait for the nomination day..

byebye now.. =)

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4th SC Newsletter

Dear Students of KYUEM,

We, the Student Council 08/09 would like to apologise for the wrong information we provide/convey on the two-week calendar published in the SC Newsletter. We realise our mistakes and will try our best to improve from time to time.

We are welcoming any suggestions / complaints regarding the SC Newsletter. Your feedback will serve as a guideline and help us to improve our service.

Thank you.

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Lost & Found Notice Board

Hello KYUEM-ians!!

Just another info to share. One of the notice boards in front of the Dining Hall is now used as Lost and Found Board. So any lost and found notices ( this includes laundry items ) are highly recommended to be put up there.

One of the reasons is to avoid ‘congestion’ at the Student Services Board as well to ease students to keep updated with these lost and found items.

Regarding the laundry items, i hope you guys are aware of the existence of Laundry Box where all the lost laundry items are placed. It is located inside the Dining Hall.

Students are also reminded not to put up other irrelevant notices on this specialised board. Your cooperation is highly appreciated. Thank you.

Any comment or suggestion, please forward to us. we’ll do our best to help. =)

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Aidilfitri… Giving and Forgiving

First of all, thanks to all parties that have contributed in making this event a success especially to SC members, MUSCOMers, MCC, Pn Rog, Pn Halijah n Mr Azman, En Zakie Shariff n family, Mr Richard Small, BURSAR, En Azmi n DH staff, En Fauzi and ADMIN staff, and to all who helped in Gotong-Royong session. ‘Uncle Tg Malim’, Little brother who make me hungry, and ‘Pak cik Van’ who drove our ‘video team’ to Tg Malim.

After discussing, quarreling, fighting, and thinking about this celebration, we decided to manage an event that can make the KYUEM people closer. Even though this is not the first time SC has conducted an event, there will be some mistakes and unforeseen flaws that are out of our controls. So, as the project manager of this event, we apologise if there were any shortcomings. Yeah, nobody is perfect. Thank you again.

It began with ‘gotong-royong’ session. Everybody is invited to help the DH staff cooked for dinner. Unfortunately, there were only about 30 people joined the event. But, I really appreciate it. Thank you again.

In the evening, there were a ceremony on Aidilfitri celebration; basically Dinner and performances. It started with dinner, followed by a sketch by the juniors from MCC, video presentation by SC and closed with nasyid by the seniors… Everything went well.

P/S: Sorry for the late post…;-(

Project Manager- Zay

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On SC behalf, we want to wish best of luck to all of you, students of KYUEM, on Trial Examination n Ramadhan Al-Mubarak… Luv peace, no war!


P/S: any comment on food department, please do so.

Food Exco (”,)

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Interfaith Talk 2008

Hello =)

Here are the details of the upcoming Interfaith Talk.

Date : Wednesday, 27th August 2008

Time : 8.00p.m – 11.15p.m.

Venue : Great Hall, Kolej Yayasan UEM

Topic : The Basis of Religious Beliefs


Buddhism : Ms Jamie Khoo-Chief Editor (English), Kechara House

Christianity : Mr Tan Yu Chai-Deacon, Taman Tun Dr Ismail Gospel Centre

Hinduism : Mr N Thiruvasagam-Chairman, Saiva Siddhanta Mandram of Malaysia

Islam : Mr Shah Kirit bin Kakulal Govindji-Daáwa Offcer, Islamic Information and Services Foundation

See you there!!


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